Celebrating four years of CBE with REDEMOS: An event of insights and connections

We are thrilled to share an exciting event on our calendar that holds special significance – CBE at Four: Celebrating Jean Monnet and Horizon Europe Engagement. This remarkable event, hosted by the Centre for Britain and Europe (CBE) at the British Academy, marks a pivotal moment for us, the REDEMOS Project, and our valued partners. The Centre for Britain and Europe, a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, has been instrumental in shaping the discourse surrounding British and European Affairs. It’s a center that exemplifies the power of collaborative efforts in advancing knowledge and policy.

On November 9, 2023, at the British Academy in London, we have the privilege of celebrating the CBE’s successful collaborations and accomplishments and highlighting the remarkable work of our project in supporting Eastern European democracy, as well as the crucial efforts of Horizon Europe in advancing sustainability practices.

Furthermore, in an exclusive session, our Project Team Member Professor Amelia Hadfield, UK-Europe foreign policy expert and CBE founder, Head of the Department of Politics in the University of Surrey will highlight the work of CBE/REDEMOS through interactions with UK policymakers and civil society and launch of CBE 2.0.

The overall event boasts an array of captivating sessions, including keynote addresses, panel discussions, and interactive sessions that promise to deliver deep insights into critical European and UK foreign policy matters. In specific, keynote speakers will:

  • Illuminate the intricate path of navigating conflicts and the future of Eastern European states.
  • Provide a comprehensive update on the digitalization of European diplomacy and its implications for EU-UK relations.
  • Delve into a range of topics, including European security, populism, gender, education, and more.


Stay tuned for more updates!