REDEMOS at the Warsaw Security Forum 2023: A glimpse into key insights

Dr.Michael Martin Richter, a distinguished researcher within our project, took the helm in representing REDEMOS at the prestigious Warsaw Security Forum 2023. This influential event, spanning from October 3 to 4, convened a high-profile gathering of experts and thought leaders from diverse domains, offering a crucial platform for deep-dive discussions on pressing geopolitical issues.

While the enduring commitment of Western nations to bolster Ukraine’s sovereignty and security was a central theme, the forum went beyond the current landscape. It provided a nuanced exploration of the future, with a particularly riveting discussion revolving around Ukraine’s potential EU and NATO membership.

Though the aspiration for accession to both these institutions was unanimous, there was a collective realization that this was a long-term endeavour necessitating a profound transformation within Ukraine’s system. This perspective, echoed by Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Olha Stefanishyna, underscores the significance of the REDEMOS project, as it seeks to build a policy tool kit that can serve to foster the transformation required for Ukraine’s European integration journey.

The Warsaw Security Forum 2023 thus served as a dynamic intersection of academic inquiry and diplomatic exchange, providing attendees with multifaceted perspectives on European integration and international security. Last but not least, it also emphasised the relevance and importance of our project.